Dermatologic Clinics

Volume 30, Issue 1, Pages 99-218 (January 2012)
United States Skin Disease Needs Assessment

Edited by Robert P. Dellavalle MD, PhD, MSPH

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Scott Davis:  Services Available and Their Effectiveness

audio icon Audio (MP3) (Duration 5:07 min/4.70 mb)

Kesha J. Buster:  Dermatologic Health Disparities

audio icon Audio (MP3) (Duration 2:42 min/2.49 mb)

April W. Armstrong:  A Review of Health Outcomes in Patients with Psoriasis

audio icon Audio (MP3) (Duration 3:57 min/3.62 mb)

William Tuong:  Melanoma: Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcomes

audio icon Audio (MP3) (Duration 2:13 min/2.04 mb)

Randie H. Kim:  Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

audio icon Audio (MP3) (Duration 7:29 min/17 mb)

Dirk Elston:  Infectious Skin Diseases: A Review of Needs Assessment

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Sunil Kalia:  The Burden of Skin Disease in the US and Canada

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Murad Alam:  Needs Assessment for Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery

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Maryam Asgari:  Needs Assessment for Mohs Micrographic Surgery

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Jonathan Olson:  Needs Assessment for General Dermatologic Surgery

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Annelise Dawson:  Infectious Skin Diseases: A Review and Needs Assessment

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Alina Markova:  US Skin Disease Assessment: Ulcer and Wound Care

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